Vitality By The Prickly Thorn


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For those of you who are energetic beach lovers, and looking to grab attention, try this!

Vitality has notes of morning sea spray, lavender, driftwood, Italian mandarin, pink orchid, water lily, and red ginger.

Look closely, there's crystals inside of the oils!

Vitality has crystal chips of Cherry Blossom Agate otherwise known as Flower Agate. This stone invigorates positive energies and helps you feel more connected to your spiritual self. It cleanses negative vibes and helps you feel uplifted.

Placing crystals inside of these perfumes invokes a certain feeling well beyond the physical senses. Each crystal was carefully researched to best match the aroma & energy each oil embodies.

Fragrance Flowers: Lily Petals and Hibiscus

Each oil from The Prickly Thorn collection comes with a secret scroll.

All oils are hand-brewed, vegan, and alcohol free. Every concoction is made from organic coconut oil, body-safe fragrance oils, and vitamin E for preservation. Each fragrance note was carefully blended to help ignite the corresponding positive intentions that each potion possesses.

✔ Brand : The Prickly Thorn

✔ Fragrance Name : Vitality

✔ Gender : Unisex

✔ Condition : Brand New

✔ Type: Rollerball

✔ Size :

  • 3ml
  • 10ml

✔ Made In : United States of America

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